Pick and pack fulfilment services

What are pick and pack services?

Pick and pack services involve picking an item from the warehouse that has been sold and then packing it properly for dispatching to the customer. The concept of pick and pack has gained currency with the proliferation of online businesses. The idea may appear straightforward and easy on paper, but it requires diligence, care, and precision. Some companies provide these services professionally in Australia and elsewhere. A person having proficiency in this service is called a pick packer. Let us explore this concept in detail.

Pick and pack services in detail:

Pick and pack services start after an order has been received by the company through its website. And a customer has asked for a particular product to be delivered to him. The entire gambit of pick and pack services takes place in the warehouse. First, the required product is picked; it should match in specification to the ordered item in all respects. If the customer has requested more than one piece, then the pick packer collects the required quantity.

The next step involves packing the product. It may appear easy, but it still requires some knowledge and due care on the part of the pick packer. The pick packers should customize the package to suit the product in question; it should be labeled and sealed, ensuring its safe delivery to the recipient.

Different types of pick and pack services:

Pick and pack services are generally divided into four categories. We will briefly discuss each one of them below;

Piece pick and pack service:

It is the simplest of all types. A pick packer goes to the warehouse, picks up the required product, puts it in the package, and packs it. The pick packer does so every time the company receives an order. But it is time-consuming, especially if the warehouse is large and the company gets orders frequently.

Batch pick and pack service:

It is an advancement of the above method. Here, pick packers are working on multiple orders simultaneously. It increases the efficiency as more items get picked and packed using this method quickly than the piece method.

Zone pick and pack service:

It is used where the warehouses are large and house a lot of products. The warehouses are divided into different zones, and each zone is assigned to one or more pick packers as per its size. Each pick packer works in his designated spot only, and if a customer has ordered more than one product that is dispersed in the warehouse in a different zone, he sends the order to the next spot. A conveyor belt, tube, robots, or drones can be used for this purpose.

Wave pick and pack service:

It is an extension of the zone pick and pack service. The pick packer stays in the assigned zone but is working on multiple orders simultaneously. Thus, it helps in saving time and increasing the overall efficiency markedly.


It wraps up about pick and pack services in Australia. The emergence of e-commerce has led to its growth, and with online trading continuing its growth trajectory, the scope and role of pick and pack services will grow further.