Things You Should Know About Logistics In Australia

Are you struggling to deal with your company’s logistics in Australia? Yes? Let’s start saying “no” with less hassle! 

The logistics services in Australia are always expanding and require constant focus. eCom Logistics provides end-to-end logistics services to allow you to focus on your business. From fulfilling your online orders to coordinating with your suppliers, eCom Logistics can help your business along the journey.  

Let’s look at more of what we can offer your business to take away the hassle of logistics. 

Services Offered By eCom Logistics, Australia
Shipping & Cargo
The shipping and cargo services offered by eCom Logistics include:
  • Freight Forwarding- Sea & Air
    You don’t have to worry about organising the delivery of your shipments to the warehouse. The transport of cargo from your manufacturer or supplier to our warehouse is organised by our experienced team. Whether the cargo be by sea or air, eCom Logistics has got it all covered.
  • Customs Clearance
    We agree that one of the most frustrating things about logistics is submitting papers and obtaining customs clearance. eCom Logistics can help you with the custom clearance procedures. We will assist you in preparing and submitting all the papers required and get the customs clearance effortlessly.
  • FCL & LCL Transport
    You no longer need to worry about the transport of your shipment from port to the warehouse. eCom Logistics will arrange FCL & LCL transport of your goods from port to warehouses.
  • Container Unloading
    Container uploading can be tricky and time consuming, especially when you don’t have the right resources or facilities. eCom Logistics will help you in the container unloading process with our experienced team. eCom logistics can facilitate FCL or LCL container unloads.

    3PL & Warehousing
    The 3PL & Warehousing services offered by eCom Logistics include:
  • Storage
    eCom Logistics will store your goods as per your requirements. We will unpack your goods and put them away into picking locations that make them accessible for daily picking services.
  • eCommerce & Retail Fulfilment
    eCom Logistics will integrate your online store with our advanced software. All of your retail and wholesale orders will sync seamlessly and our team will fulfil each order as per your instructions and requirements.
  • Distribution
    eCom Logistics will help you in the distribution of both B2B and B2C online orders. We also manage EDI integrations with major retailers.
  • Cross-docking
    The short-term storage of your products is also possible with eCom Logistics.
  • Returns Management
    eCom Logistics can take care of the returns process for your business. We will manage the returns, provide feedback on the condition of returns and access if acceptable for resale.  
  • Amazon- FBM & FBA Preparation Services
    eCom Logistics can prepare your stock for Fulfilment by Amazon or can store your products and provide FBM services, meeting all the terms and regulations of Amazon.
  • Marketplace Drop Shipping
    eCom Logistics will manage all order fulfilment processes to meet the terms and regulations of most marketplaces, including Amazon, The Iconic, eBay, Etsy, and many more.

    Management Services
    eCom Logistics provides specialised consulting for start-ups across Australia. Other management services include 4PL Control Tower Solutions, Social media services, Marketplace management, Custom packaging, and Customer care.

Logistics across Australia are a lot easier and hassle-free with eCom Logistics. eCom Logistics can provide a complete solution for all your logistics needs. So, for fast, efficient, and hassle-free logistic solutions, eCom Logistics are your go-to. 

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