Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find commonly asked questions. If you can’t find what you’re after, then please get in touch with the friendly team at eCom Logistics.

Our main warehouse is in Sydney at Smeaton Grange 2567, but we also have partner warehouses in other states and international cities so please enquire if you need other distribution locations.

You will be provided a direct contact at the warehouse to arrange a delivery time.

When your product arrives at the warehouse we will visually inspect for damage and confirm quantity matches your purchase order.

Yes, we understand that clients would like to inspect the warehouse from time to time, just let us know in advance so we can organise the best time with warehouse staff.

Yes, we check stock on arrival and do annual stocktakes or if requested by clients at other times of the year. Clients are also able to log on to our web portal to check on their stock levels in real time.

We work out the optimal packaging size for the dimensions of your products to keep them safe during transit and maintain the lowest costs for delivery.

Branded packaging and marketing inserts can be provided by clients to be used for their products.

Yes, we can assist you by creating customised product kits or packs ready for dispatch. This will help lower costs of fulfilment and better quality packaging.

Yes, we will have it set up in our systems to pre-order product once it hits a certain level.

Yes, on agreement we can organise to have products labelled or barcoded.

Yes, we fulfil any and all orders.

Yes, we deliver to a many retailers including, but not limited to, David Jones, Myers, Iconic.

Yes, you can use your existing customer accounts or utilise eCom Logistics relationships with leading transport service providers.

Yes, we offer a range of international delivery solutions.

Yes, we can manage seasonal requirements and scale up or down operations when necessary.

Yes, eCom Logistics will provide you with a contact for day-to-day operational enquiries and managing delivery of stock to the warehouse.

We will work closely with you on a timeline. Once everything has been approved, we can have you onboarded and integrated within a month.

Yes, we will do a quality check on products, validate the return and either re-stock, return or dispose the item to you. Our systems will capture all this information in real time and communicate to you directly if required.